Breast Actives for Breast Enhancement: SO Much Better Than Surgery and Padded Bras

Given that more and more women seek out means and ways to have breast augmentation, it may surprise you that the majority still prefers to achieve chest endowment through non-invasive procedures such as application of creams such as Breast Actives. Surgical procedures yield faster results but they are also more prone to adverse side effects. Not to mention that they are quite expensive.

Breast Actives

To help you make an informed decision, take a look at several options which can increase your breast size, beginning with breast surgery which is costly and increases the risk of pain, scarring, bleeding, and other potential complications that may occur during as well as after surgery. Remember that breast surgery can cause irreversible changes to your breasts.

Non-surgical methods of breast enhancement are safer but obviously slower to yield results and although most of these methods have little or no adverse side effects, are relatively cheaper, and will not be painful for you to undergo, not all breast enlargement options are created equal. You will have to choose very careful so as not to waste your time and money on ineffective products.

Breast Pumps

Breast enlargement pumps are suitable for women who may find it difficult to take pills or exercise. These pumps work through tissue expansion, a process where the breast tissue is gently suctioned to stimulate its growth and improve blood flow to that area. When this happens, your skin will stretch to encourage new growth of tissue which in turn will increase breast size.

This option will require not only dedication but consistency on your part. You will also have to be patient since it will be three months at least of continuous pumping before you obtain results. If you think you will not be able to commit to the time this option requires, other alternatives – some of which will not need that much time — may be easier for you.

Padded or Push-Up Bras

These bras have contour or molded padding made of foam pads. These have graduated designs to give breasts a natural and subtle looking appearance. The best examples of the padded bra is the so-called “t-shirt bra” that projects a seamless, sleek outline of the breasts underneath fabrics and can either be with or without under-wires.

The push-up bra lifts the breasts from the bottom and has removable pads or “cookies.” Push-up bras give cleavage more definition than padded bras can. Additionally, some push-up bras have contour padding factored into their design as well so the user can customize how much or how little padding is preferred. With both bras, however, your breasts appear fuller only when you wear them.

Breast Creams

A good quality breast cream works faster than breast pumps and augments your breast size without having to wear either padded or push-up bras. Breast creams work as soon as they are applied on the skin and go straight to the blood stream without detouring to the kidneys and liver. These breast creams work best in combination with breast enhancement pills.

One such cream is Breast Actives which will improve your breasts’ shape, fend off sagging, and boost your self-esteem by having breasts that are attractive and authentic. If you are interested in using this cream and want more information on it, check out the official website and read testimonials, FAQs, how to order, and special offers and discounts, among others.